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No More Megathreads (For Now?)
Topic Started: Thursday Apr 5 2018, 05:22 AM (435 Views)


E3 is officially here which means companies will be dropping new game reveals and extended previews, including Sega. We're at minimum expecting a glut of information regarding Sonic Forces and a subsequent increase in posting activity and flared emotions. To better prepare for this, we've closed the main Forces and Mania mega threads (and relevant threads of similar purpose). Staff believes mega threads have been a partial sticking point to the way SSMB has worked for awhile. Since they concentrate a lot of disparate discussion under one topic, it not only obscures updates but inconveniences members on discussing the things they're actually interested in, and the ballooning threads make it easier for massive derails to develop. Problematic posts and behaviors also become harder for us to isolate quickly, as when issues span pages specific posts and spats can lose general relevancy over time or just be forgotten/not reported altogether.

Please help.

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