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Revenge of Shinobi Short
Topic Started: Friday Jan 5 2018, 02:45 PM (264 Views)
Sergeant 16-Bit
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Figured I should have posted this here first

Here's an idea that uses a morbid punch-line, much like my Bonanza Bros. short.


Revenge of Shinobi


*Joe Musashi approaches the Spider-Man boss*

Joe: So, one of these Zeed guys is a bit of a fan boy, eh?

*the Spider-man guy looks at him as he said that*

Joe: Lets see what you're made of

*Joe leaps forward and slashes the Spider-Man guy*

*Spider-man collapses to the ground*

Joe: How disappointing, I expected more from one of Zeed's higher ups.

The ACTUAL Spider-Man boss: Uh, I'm over here *pan to him* that guy on the ground was a cosplaying parkour-performer.

Joe: huh...whoops
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