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The Miraculous Ladybug Collab Announcement (w/ ShirukenMaster); Time to get your spots on and claws out!
Topic Started: Monday Mar 6 2017, 02:58 PM (268 Views)
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Hey everyone! My name is Ryan Kelso (a.k.a. RGPAnims), and me and one of my friends (ShirukenMaster) are currently hosting a collab based on Miraculous Ladybug.

Here are the rules for the collab:
1. Your entry must be about Miraculous Ladybug. Nothing random or off topic.
2. You can choose to have a watermark in the entry if you want to. Remember that you'll be credited in the end as well.
3. Your entry must be a minimum of 20 seconds long and 1 minutes & 30 seconds max. If you don't have the time to make an entry, you can also make a 6 second bumper, but make sure to contact me or Shiruken about it, since not everyone can do a bumper.
4. Show me a demo reel or previous ANIMATED works so I can see if you can join the collab or not. Don't take it personally if you're not accepted in.
5. Keep the memes at a minimum. Any shorts that have annoying, outdated and/or unfunny memes will be excluded from the collab.
6. The video and audio quality must be decent. The video quality has to be 480p or higher.
7. You can make NSFW entries or loops for the collab if you want to. However, just remember that those entries will only be included in the Newgrounds upload, and not YouTube and Vid.me
8. If you're getting other people to do additional animation, voice acting, music, etc., make sure to tell either me or Shiruken so we can credit them in the collab.
9. Don't use copyrighted music unless if it's a cover of the song or distorted. Especially when Newgrounds changes their rules about copyright.
10. Please don't target or harrass anyone in the collab please. We don't want to be responsible for your petty drama.
11. Ask questions immediately before July 4.
12. All entries are due on July 10th, 2017. We will try to release the full collab at July 17th, since compiling the entries can be time consuming
13. No one can enter after July 2nd. So better enter quick!
14. The resolution size for your entry should be 16:9. You're entry won't be accepted unless it's changed.
15. You MUST join the Discord server for the collab (me or Shiruken will PM you the link to it), so you can show your progress easily so we can see if it's fit for the collab.
16. The final entry should be in a .mp4 format.
17. When you are done with your entry/entries, make sure to notify either me or Shiruken.

Well that was a lot of guidelines. Anyways, if you want to join in, make sure to reply to this post, link us your demo reel or previous animation-related works, and also tell us your Newgrounds username as well. See you soon!

- Ryan Kelso/RGPAnims (Co-admin of the Ladybug collab)
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