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Sonic Retold; The (unofficial) Continuation
Topic Started: Sunday Nov 6 2016, 05:04 PM (1,023 Views)
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So the new comic reboot is... well some people are enjoying it but some people are not. What happened to the old universe, well find out here http://glitcher.deviantart.com/art/SONIC-RETOLD-Main-Cover-640652187

My friend Glitcher, a very talented artists is continuing from where the old universe left off. It's a huge undertaking so I'm out gathering support for him.

The following is his description of the project:

"Come one, come all! Here it is at long last, the ‘secret project’ you’ve all been waiting for is..... *drum roll*..... a new Sonic webcomic! *fanfare.... church bells ring* :party:

As you’ve probably guessed by now, this comic is a continuation of the original Sonic the Hedgehog comics before the “Worlds Collide” crossover. For a lot of you, this is a long time coming. Many readers can testify that the quality of Sonic comics has plunged narratively and (to some extent) artistically ever since the infamous reboot that wiped out most of the beloved characters inhabiting Mobius. It was an event from which the series never fully recovered, shackled by Sega’s mandates to make the story as bland and emotionally sterile as possible. To me, the final straw was the “Worlds Unite” crossover - intended purely as a marketing device in spite of a creative void. That’s when I got the idea for this story. I told myself one thing:

“If I want Sonic done right, I’ll just have to do it myself!” :eager:

So this is the result! I started working on the script back in September 2015. I wanted to write several issues in advance so that I have time to evaluate the narrative structure and make sure that themes and plot points are introduced early enough. (It was also during this time that I learned of the fan group Archie Sonic Online and their attempt to create a similar webcomic, but they’re following a different route for their story and we haven’t shared ideas.) Once I was assured of my script’s integrity, I started drawing the first issue in February. It’s been a difficult and exhausting year working on this in secret - especially since I didn’t have much personal art to share on my gallery during the interim - but I hope you find the wait worthwhile. :)

The main cover featured here was only completed last weekend. I wanted to gain more EXP drawing the pages before tackling something this complex. I’m a big fan of Drew Struzan’s artwork and I strived to paint my cover in the same style as his movie posters. (Coincidentally, my favourite Sonic cover is from issue #114, which is a parody of Struzan’s “Attack of the Clones” poster.) The Sonic comics are reputed for some memorable covers - mostly from Pat Spaz - so I wanted to do mine justice if I intend to continue the series during its heyday. I hope this conveys the scope and energy of the story and the first step towards rejuvenating the series with the depth, grit and heart it once had.

So here’s the schedule: Next Monday I’ll post the intro page + issue #1 cover, then I’ll upload one page every Monday thereafter.

Weekly updates gives me time to draw the next issue so that you don’t have to wait too long for its release. So stick around! This webcomic is a labour of love for one of my favourite comic series and an attempt to provide closure to longtime readers who want to see the loose ends of the original continuity tied up. What happened to Mecha Sally? What’s going on with the echidnas? Where did Bunnie go? How will the Freedom Fighters deal with Naugus and that mutated Tails Doll? All of these questions will be answered in “Sonic Retold”! Enjoy the read! "
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Absolutely gorgeous artwork there.
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Sounds like a bridging between Sonic Archie & Sonic Universe. How it looks so far, I'm admiring you & your friends' unofficial to the Sonic Archie revival, do keep it up!

SnooPING AS usual, I SEE??
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