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I git rendem eidia; bes 1
Topic Started: Sunday Jul 12 2015, 12:57 AM (976 Views)
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You might say this is gunna bee retarded but :noFunAllowed: . Eez gud.

I wonder if other franchises (Whatever the spelling is) of Sega knew the boom redesigns...



Hey there paradoxian (or member)! I am koro! I am a 12 year old animator who doesn't actually suck in being an internet kid. Look at all those fools out there. Anyway, Welcome to Sonic Paradox! A website about, well, y'know, Sonic, that blue speedy hedgehog. Anyways, I'm not an admin but I surely can welcome you to this very site. This site is awesome. You can't even tell the flaws of it! Anyways though, have fun here!
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