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SONIC-Unleashing Hope; My Sonic audio series
Topic Started: Saturday Jan 26 2013, 11:17 PM (1,348 Views)
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Loopy Loor :P

EDIT2: Yay! This topic is now where it should be. Thanks RGX :3

This topic is for those who do NOT know about it. (Though I'm sure I've rambled about it many ppl xp)

I recently kicked off the first chapter of another Sonic audio series I'm doing, SONIC-Unleashing Hope
and I would love to share it here ^^

Now Unleashing Hope is a sequel to another audio series I completed in May 2012, Letting Go of Hope.
Both series are audio-only
I will not be storyboarding or animating images for this for many good reasons, but the main reason is that I wanted to put a new & different perspective on reading a good Sonic 'fanfiction' as well as keep everyone's minds and imagination open to the story. The chapters are usually about 9-12 min long.

In Letting Go of Hope, (Taking place in the Sonic X Universe) it takes a little bit more realistic turn on what would happen if a bunch of anthropomorphic talking animals came into our world, unlike what happened in Sonic X, it does not go smoothly for all the characters, especially Sonic who had to battle the darker side of human nature and defeat an evil scientist running an illegal animal testing facility named Dr. Cameron who almost succeeds in poisoning him to death if it were not for the help of a young veterinarian named Jade.

Letting Go of Hope is a completed audio series that ran for 12 chapters.

After much thinking about it last summer, I decided to do a sequel to the story. It's always been on my heart to create a new and different "Sonic Unleashed" story apart from the game that will still involve the werehog. Thus, Unleashing Hope was born.

Due to spoilage, I can't really give a good synopsis yet but I can tell you that Chip will be non-existant in this story. ;p

I would love some feedback on the first chapter I finished and posted a couple weeks ago.
Many awesome people from the SP helped and will help voice act in this series. This includes Cacti, Time8th, SonicSong182 (Seaside Denied actors/singers), and of course our very own RocktheJake in the later chapters ^^

Chapter One-Encounters

Hope you enjoy it if you haven't had a chance to take a listen ^^


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You're not doing a very good job!

*Moved to appropriate board.
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Awesomeness. The first episode was a bit slow and uneventful, but knowing what you've done in the past, that should change. If ya ever need a guy like me, I love to act.
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Great audio story so far. There is only one problem with all stories. The fact that all beginnings have slow starts, but great overall. Can't wait for more.
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Loopy Loor :P

Gonna revive this topic, as it takes this long for a new chapter come out. xp

Chapter 2 is out!

Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback : )

Chapter 2- Transformation

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