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The Sonic Show Ushers In New Era With A New Intro; 11/24/2012
Topic Started: Saturday Nov 24 2012, 07:11 PM (1,120 Views)
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Sonic Paradox's friends over at The Sonic Show have done it again. Their 6th anniversary has brought in a brand new redesign. A new website design is just one of the multiple things that have been updated as the new era began:


Welcome to a NEW Sonic Show!!

We enter the fourth generation of the show with a whole refresh on the show!

We have a brand new intro complete with a kick ass new theme tune (all music in this video are original compositions of the show)

Not only that but we have increased the size of the team, featuring new LPers and new animators for kick ass cartoons!

We have also made a REAL website where you check out our videos but more importantly see your fave Sonic Show-ers write about the blue blur in the special way you would expect! Check that out here at http://thesonicshow.org

So thanks to everyone who has stuck by the show for 6 years, lets take it up a notch!

The Sonic Show Generation 4 Intro Animation: Piggybank of Sonic Paradox

The Sonic Show Generation 4 Intro and Bed music: Matthew Walker

Yes, you read it. Sonic Paradox's own Piggybank (who animated the Team Sonic segments in Seaside Denied) has animated The Sonic Show's newest introduction video. Don't be surprised if you see more of SP's animators on the site in the future, either, but that's a different story! Nevertheless, congratulations to The Sonic Show for a great sixth year and here's looking forward to this new era full of randomness!

Want to see the intro video yourself? Then check it out here:

The Sonic Show's New Intro!

From The Sonic Show
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