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Best Sonic Bosses? (Top 10 list)
Biolizard (Shadow Fight) 31 (21.8%)
Neo Metal Sonic (Knuckles chaotix) 0 (0%)
Labyrinth Zone and/or Final Zone (Sonic 1) 3 (2.1%)
The Doppleganger Fight (Sonic2/SnK) 2 (1.4%)
Marble Garden (Sonic 3) 5 (3.5%)
Big Arm (Sonic 3) 9 (6.3%)
The Doomsday (Sonic and Knuckles) 17 (12%)
Metal Sonic (Sonic CD) 19 (13.4%)
Toxic Caves (Sonic Spinball) 0 (0%)
Final Boss (Sonic 3D Blast) 1 (0.7%)
Crystal Egg (Sonic 2 GG) 1 (0.7%)
Fang (Sonic Triple Trouble) 3 (2.1%)
Mecha Golem (Tails Adventure) 1 (0.7%)
E-101 Beta mkII (Sonic Adventure) 11 (7.7%)
Egg X (Sonic Advance) 2 (1.4%)
Egg Lancer (Sonic Unleashed) 7 (4.9%)
Nega Wisp (Sonic Colors) 21 (14.8%)
True Area 53 (sonic advance 2) 1 (0.7%)
Mephiles Stage 2 (Sonic 06) 8 (5.6%)
Total Votes: 142
Only members can vote in this poll.
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Xonic S Episode 3 is now live!

Posted by Celest (Moderator) at Sunday Jun 4 2017, 02:07 PM. 2 comments

Eggman conquers Branson. Meanwhile, Amy has psychotherapy and Sonic falls off a cliff.

Written and Edited by: KyoSo

Time8th as Lord Robotnik
Hieifireshadow as Miles “Tails” Prower
SilentlyVocal as Sonic the Hedgehog
Jacks as Amy Rose / Jessie
BobcatXtreme as Knuckles the Echidna / FEMA Soldier
N0sSyndrome as Chris Selfenzert
DrawnActor as Police Chief / Chuck Selfenzert
Naku as Cream the Rabbit
ShadowRemix as Australian Police Officer

Original Music Composed by: RecD

Xonic S Logo by: halo

Xonic S Episode 2 Released

Posted by halo (Moderator) at Monday Jan 16 2017, 10:13 AM. One comment

Episode 2 of Xonic S has arrived! Take a look:
Friday Jan 13 2017, 02:46 PM
Episode 2:

Cream gets kidnapped AGAIN. Meanwhile, Sonic starts a war and Chris is totally useless.

Written and Edited by: KyoSo

SilentlyVocal as Sonic the Hedgehog
N0sSyndrome as Chris Selfenzert
Naku as Cream the Rabbit / Retinal Scanner
Hieifireshadow as Miles “Tails” Prower
DrawnActor as Chuck / Monkey Scientist / Newscaster / Officer Thufuz
Time8th as Dr. Ken Penders / Engineer
ShadowRemix as Jason McGriffith
RecD as the 4Kids Censor Voice

Translations by: Naku and k@n
Sonic's Album Art by: SassMasterMickey
Xonic S Logo by: halo

Sega Generations

Posted by The Wax (Admin) at Saturday Nov 19 2016, 03:59 PM. One comment

A tribute to Sega and all of its franchises.

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