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Best Sonic Bosses? (Top 10 list)
Biolizard (Shadow Fight) 26 (23.2%)
Neo Metal Sonic (Knuckles chaotix) 0 (0%)
Labyrinth Zone and/or Final Zone (Sonic 1) 2 (1.8%)
The Doppleganger Fight (Sonic2/SnK) 2 (1.8%)
Marble Garden (Sonic 3) 3 (2.7%)
Big Arm (Sonic 3) 6 (5.4%)
The Doomsday (Sonic and Knuckles) 12 (10.7%)
Metal Sonic (Sonic CD) 17 (15.2%)
Toxic Caves (Sonic Spinball) 0 (0%)
Final Boss (Sonic 3D Blast) 1 (0.9%)
Crystal Egg (Sonic 2 GG) 1 (0.9%)
Fang (Sonic Triple Trouble) 3 (2.7%)
Mecha Golem (Tails Adventure) 1 (0.9%)
E-101 Beta mkII (Sonic Adventure) 9 (8%)
Egg X (Sonic Advance) 1 (0.9%)
Egg Lancer (Sonic Unleashed) 5 (4.5%)
Nega Wisp (Sonic Colors) 15 (13.4%)
True Area 53 (sonic advance 2) 1 (0.9%)
Mephiles Stage 2 (Sonic 06) 7 (6.3%)
Total Votes: 112
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Sonic Paradox YouTube Channel Hacked

Posted by SSF1991 (SP NEWS) at Friday Oct 10 2014, 12:57 PM. 45 comments

You may have already read this on TSSZ. However, to spread the word of what happened, it's being posted here too.

It’s been something we have been trying to sort out for well over a month or two now. A user had hacked into two emails of our higher-ups that are connected to many things such as YouTube, gaming accounts, et cetera. They changed the email and passwords associated with them to their own account. We’ve been able to recover everything except one. Our YouTube channel.

Nothing was messed with on the channel for a long time. There’s one reason and one reason alone why we haven’t been able to recover the account. Google just won’t help us. They hung up on us, kept us waiting for long periods of time, and offered little to no advice on what to do. Then in the past few days the avatar was tinkered with. That was the final straw that provoked us into making this public. It was hoped that, since no videos or content was messed with, we could sort this out behind the scenes with little trouble and the affair would blow over. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

So what does this mean for us? We have no other choice but to make a new YouTube channel and re-upload everything on there. Our partners have said they’ll stick with us. When we do make the channel we’ll let you know and you can spread the word as much as possible. As for our original channel who knows? Maybe we’ll get it back somehow. Maybe we won’t. That’s still up in the air.

Now I don’t normally do this. I feel it’s against my news reporting standards here. But there’s some words I need to get off my chest. I’d like to say this to the person who hacked our channel:

Many people have told us our content helped cheered them up from a bad day, from depression even. Sometimes even more severe cases. Some have told us that it inspired them. That channel has brought five to six years of content that made multitudes of people laugh. Many of them. Our content took months, sometimes even years to develop. All those laughs, those happy faces, those inspirations, that hard work. You have robbed that from people all of this. And for what? A laugh? For money? For attention? Well one thing is for sure. You got attention. And let me tell you this right now it’s not good attention. But you know what? You will not stop us from bringing people the entertainment, the laughs, the inspiration. We’ll keep making that hard work because we have fun doing it and our fans love what we do. You may have thrown away the YouTube channel of Sonic Paradox but you haven’t thrown away the faces behind it. We’ll be back and better than ever whether you want it or not. We will not let the selfish desires of a kid ruin the entertainment, laughter, and hard work that has been brought to people’s computers for so many years. You hacked a channel that did nothing more than provide parodies of a speedy blue hedgehog made from a video game company. Nothing more. It’s not like we were political or religious in our content. We parodied video game content. But what saddens me most of all: we let our fans down. And it’s going to take a while to recover. We’re not in it for the money, we’re in it for the fans. And as long as you keep our channel hostage you are not one of them. We’re coming back not for you but our fans. Because I’m sure they would want us to come back. We’re not going anywhere. We’re just going to be stronger than ever. And, hopefully, our fans will join us for the ride whether you like it or not.

Sonic Boom Live News Coverage Stream - October 4th @ 4:00pm Eastern

Posted by SSF1991 (SP NEWS) at Friday Oct 3 2014, 10:09 AM. One comment

The big day is tomorrow. Sonic Boom 2014 begins. And TSSZ (along with Sonic Paradox) will be bringing you seven hours of all the latest coming from the event. From 4:00 to 11:00pm Eastern you can tune to http://www.livestream.com/sonicparadox as we'll be providing whatever is revealed there!

- I'll be getting details relayed from attendees at the event on what's happening, mostly from those at Sonic Paradox that are there.
- Live updates on Twitter!
- Live viewer chat (just go here if you want to see the chat and talk, you don't need an account to do so).
- Don't hesitate to ask questions on Sonic Boom.
- If there's any footage or images that comes about we'll be sure to show them off in the stream.

If you need to sort out what time it begins in your area here you go.

I hope you enjoy the stream and I'll see you there!

Halloween Gaming Collab!

Posted by ShadowRemix (Moderator) at Friday Sep 26 2014, 12:51 AM. 2 comments

Greetings fellow Sonic Paradoxians!

Everyone's favorite holiday of the year, no not Christmas, is slowly approaching. I'm obviously talking about Halloween! As such this year Dr. Mack Foxx, Time8th, and myself found that it would be perfect for us this year to host the Halloween Gaming collab... well... on Halloween of course! With it being a Friday night it works out perfectly for us going straight into the weekend!

Event: Halloween Gaming Collab
Date: Oct 31st - Nov 1st
Event Length: 24 hours (Maybe some extra innings, who knows?)
Location: Halloween Gaming Collab on Paradox Power Plays Hitbox

It's been decided that we'll not show what's being played XD

Can't have you guys knowing what was and wasn't approved... I mean... It would be a waste if you know what games were being played. After all...

Halloween is Horror.

Very Respectfully,
Shadow Remix

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