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Best Sonic Bosses? (Top 10 list)
Biolizard (Shadow Fight) 31 (22.3%)
Neo Metal Sonic (Knuckles chaotix) 0 (0%)
Labyrinth Zone and/or Final Zone (Sonic 1) 3 (2.2%)
The Doppleganger Fight (Sonic2/SnK) 2 (1.4%)
Marble Garden (Sonic 3) 4 (2.9%)
Big Arm (Sonic 3) 8 (5.8%)
The Doomsday (Sonic and Knuckles) 16 (11.5%)
Metal Sonic (Sonic CD) 19 (13.7%)
Toxic Caves (Sonic Spinball) 0 (0%)
Final Boss (Sonic 3D Blast) 1 (0.7%)
Crystal Egg (Sonic 2 GG) 1 (0.7%)
Fang (Sonic Triple Trouble) 3 (2.2%)
Mecha Golem (Tails Adventure) 1 (0.7%)
E-101 Beta mkII (Sonic Adventure) 11 (7.9%)
Egg X (Sonic Advance) 2 (1.4%)
Egg Lancer (Sonic Unleashed) 7 (5%)
Nega Wisp (Sonic Colors) 21 (15.1%)
True Area 53 (sonic advance 2) 1 (0.7%)
Mephiles Stage 2 (Sonic 06) 8 (5.8%)
Total Votes: 139
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Xonic S Episode 1 Released!

Posted by halo (Moderator) at Friday Sep 23 2016, 12:45 PM. 3 comments

Friday Sep 23 2016, 01:25 AM
Remember Sonic the Other Movie? No?

Oh. Well screw you too, then.

But coming from the same team is our second series Xonic S, the story of one Chris Selfenzert, the self-proclaimed ultimate Sonic fan, and his quest to forcibly insert himself into Sonic's adventures where he just kind of gets in the way and contributes nothing.

The first episode follows Sonic through the utterly ridiculous events to lead him from attacking the Robotnik Colossus Make-up Factory (for women) to boarding with mildly creepy super-fan Chris. Episode two will come out later this year and properly introduce Sonic-wannabe Cream and the pathologically self-aggrandizing Tails.

Episode 1:

Written / Edited by: KyoSo
Script Editor: RecD

SilentlyVocal as Sonic / Officer 2 / "Next Time" Announcer
Time8th as Lord Robotnik / Agent Fast Flenderson / Trucker
DrawnActor as Officer Thufuz / Officer 4 / Chief
BobcatXtreme as Knuckles / Officers 3 and 5 / S-Team Driver / James
Jacks as Amy Rose / Marine / Jesse / Computer Voice
N0sSyndrome as Chris
Hieifireshadow as Tails
Naku as Cream
SooperTanzy as Cheese

There was no StOMic X.
originally from http://sonicparadox.net/topic/8000796/1/

Where's The Fair Use?

Posted by The Wax (Admin) at Wednesday Feb 24 2016, 01:10 PM. 20 comments

Posted Image

Youtube Community vs. Youtube Copyright
Sonic Paradox is proud to join the WTFU movement. When we recovered the channel we found out that 90% of the Sonic Paradox videos have been falsely claimed by a company in New Zealand who isn't related to Sega in any way. From the Sonic Shorts to the small Christmas Album video; all the revenue is going to this company.

Posted Image
Future releases such as the Sega Shorts risk copyright disputes from false claims

We use the YouTube revenue to make donations, convention panels for the community, and development of our videos. We agree with the community that our channels shouldn't be limited on the amount of appeals when there is no limits to the amount of claims we receive. Companies making many false claims should also be penalized for their actions as well.

This is Sonic Paradox and where's the fair use? Share your thoughts on the matter and spread the word, #WTFU.

We got the channel back!

Posted by SSF1991 (SP NEWS) at Sunday Jan 31 2016, 02:14 PM. 8 comments

There comes a time when karma makes a big appearance. This is one of them.

A year and a half has passed since the Sonic Paradox team’s YouTube channel was hacked. Since then we have still been hoping for some kind of help from Google but nothing happened. Then our YouTube partner came to our rescue. Over the last few months we had been in the process with our YouTube partner in getting the channel back. Now, we can happily say the plan worked.

Since January 29th, I can now happily say that we have recovered the original Sonic Paradox YouTube channel and it is no longer hacked. It is okay to subscribe to it if you had unsubscribed following our hacking announcement. We will have an announcement video about the channel’s return soon although I can’t give you an exact release date yet. We are over halfway done with it.

So what will happen to the new channel? The uploaded videos will be moved to the original channel but we’ll be maintaining a live streaming presence on it. Right now we are focusing on fixing up various things the hacker did to the original channel, such as comment filters.

That said…we are back in business!

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