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Spasmodic doodler
[22:21:45] (N0sSyndrome): GG
[22:21:58] (N0sSyndrome): Here, IN CANADA
[22:22:03] (N0sSyndrome): We have milk in bags
[22:22:07] (N0sSyndrome): Good luck ;^;

[22:22:15] (KaDoYuu): Long time, N0sSy!
[22:22:35] (KaDoYuu): We had milk...bags in Delaware

[22:22:46] (Whitesonic): i like milk bags
[22:22:49] (Whitesonic): the kind that hang off the chest

[22:23:05] (N0sSyndrome): ...
[22:23:12] (N0sSyndrome): (N0sSyndrome) jumps off a cliff

[22:23:14] (KaDoYuu): Boy status: brought to the yard

[22:23:24] (Whitesonic): Milkshake status: better than yours
[22:23:34] (Whitesonic): Shots status: fired

[22:23:36] (KaDoYuu): D*mn status: right
[22:23:39] (KaDoYuu): XD

[22:23:44] (Whitesonic): bahahaha
[22:23:54] (Whitesonic): so yeah, fantastic fuckin april 1st so far
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