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Don't worry -- I've got a plan.
Name changes: immortalised for all to see.

(Where You= me, Host= Eliza, viewer 2= darkerturbo and viewer 5= Skruskie)

You@All: I may have to go for dinner soon guys -- just warning ya.
Viewer 2@All: depends
Host@All: Aww... no!
Host@All: I wonder what takes you all so long
Host@All: I can eat faster than Dan can reply to my PM
You@All: That's hurts Eliza xD
You@All: *That
Host@All: no. Just giving an example
Host@All: It happened today only
You@All: I like to enjoy my food. What can I say?
Host@All: ...
Host@All: My parents don't like me eating 'slowly'
Host@All: plus hot or cold food dosen't bother me
Host@All: so... I can eat fast
Viewer 2@All: skrusk apparently just got home, i sent her a link to come here
Host@All: *her
You@All: "Her"?
Host@All: *him
Viewer 2@All: I meant him sorry
Host@All: x3
You@All: lololololololololol
Host@All: Hi Skruskie
Viewer 2@All: I'm an idiot
Viewer 5@All: :3 Lol hi
You@All: Hi there Skrusk.
Viewer 5@All: Hi dan =)
Viewer 2@All: hey skrusk
Host@All: Howdy! Lucian!
You@All: turbo thinks you're a girl xD
Host@All: DAN!
Viewer 5@All: :3
Viewer 2@All: I didn't mean it I'm so sorry
Viewer 5@All: Wat.
Viewer 5@All: :P
You@All: Don't worry about it turbo; it was an honest mistake.
Host@All: Hey Skruskie, Liz here
You@All: I don't think he cares tbh.
Viewer 5@All: Hi liz :)
Viewer 5@All: Hi turbo :)
Viewer 5@All: Which viewer am I?
You@All: Eliza, shouldn't the shoes be white wothout shading?
Viewer 2@All: you are 5
You@All: Skrusk = Viewer 5
Skruskie@All: Okay.
Host@All: ...hmm... I prefer grey
You@All: Fair enough.
Host@All: but if you say, I'll make em white
Skruskie@All: Heh :P
Viewer 2@All: eliza is number host, turbo is number 2, and dan is number 3
Skruskie@All: You can change your names.
You@All: How?
Viewer 2@All: how?
Host@All: ........
Skruskie@All: Click on you
Skruskie@All: and type
Host@All: guys
Host@All: I am watching TV
Host@All: and...
Skruskie@All: Click the person sign
Skruskie@All: and click you
Host@All: a person without legs did an amazing dance...
FREEDOM aka darkerturbo@All: hi
Skruskie@All: and change :)
Host@All: ...
You@All: Yo
Host@All: I am speechless
Skruskie@All: Heheh! FREEDOM
You@All: Does it work?
Skruskie@All: Yes
Skruskie@All: It did
FREEDOM aka darkerturbo@All: did i work
You@All: VICTORY!!!!!
Skruskie@All: And you are dan
Skruskie@All: FREEDUM!
Skruskie@All: aka dt
Host@All: skruskie is more smart!
You@All: turbo, you worked, man. you worked.
You@All: Thanks Skrusk.
Skruskie the Kitsune@All: That's ok
dans a furry@All: yay i worked
Host@All: WHAT
Skruskie the Kitsune@All: Too right.
You@All: WHAT THE F-
Host@All: Guys no cheesy stuff
Host@All: PLEASE
Skruskie the Kitsune@All: LOLOLOLOL
Host@All: Stop that
Skruskie the Kitsune@All: Sorry
You@All: Seriously guys, calm down.
Host@All: ...
dans a furry@All: boobs aren't made of cheese, they're made of boobs
Skruskie the Kitsune@All: I named myself a good name but now... xD
Host@All: and DONT MAKE ME MAD
Host@All: PLEASE
Skruskie the Kitsune@All: Sorry
You@All: turbo definitely knows.
rouge the butt@All: is this alright?
Host@All: ...
Skruskie the Kitsune@All: dnssvg,dbnf,nsklv lololololololkololo\
Host@All: I am not on the chat now
Skruskie the Kitsune@All: Ok, host.
darkerturbo@All: fine, have it your way sweet lil host
You@Host: That went smoothly.
Host@All: thanks for getting your normal name
Sonic the SluttHog@All: So...
You@Host: xD
Skrusk@All: Lol
knuckles the enchilada@All: yeeaaahhh...
You@Host: Kinda chilly today, huh?
Skrusk@All: Sorry
Eliza the Glaring Face@All: :P
knuckles the enchilada@All: if only i could do this on twitch
Eliza the Glaring Face@All: YEAH!
You@Host: I am thoroughly entertained.
Liz leiks dose tittiez@All: Ok, reply already.
You@All: This is entertaining, but probably hard to work under.
rouges left tit@All: true
You@All: I don't even...
You are a restaurant.@All: Mmhmm.
Host@All: guys... my mom is screwing me
Host@All: not funny
You@All: WHAT!?
Host@All: I am off for today
Host@All: Bye
You@All: Bye.
Fine. Be that way.@All: Bye.
darkerturbo@All: bye
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