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I've made one last adjustment to the E3 coverage in June and it's a big one. No longer are the hours of coverage smaller than they were last year. In fact it's MORE than last year. Why did I do this? I'm expecting more E3 videos being released than I initially thought, along with time to show them all off.

There's exactly 92 hours of E3 coverage (including the hours already made) now. This is because I've brought all the times for the days of E3 coverage in June to more constant times. Each E3 June coverage day will begin at 9am. Also each of those same days will end at 8pm. The only exception to the latter change is June 4th which will end at 2am since Sony's conference will be very late.

Another reason for the earlier times? With the constant start times it will be easier for you guys, and I, to remember.

I hope you guys enjoy this huge amount of coverage. The stream is going to be in overdrive for the next 2 weeks!

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