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With the winter schedule halfway done I figure I can tease you guys with some hints on what has been scheduled up to July and confirm what has been already known.

- You probably know that I'm planning a streaming marathon for my birthday in a few months. I plan to play a bunch of games I used to play and/or watch as a kid. Yes, Spinball will return again. Sonic 2 on the Genesis will as well.

- Easter MIGHT have something good...

- Don't expect much for the majority of May.

- Those who hope to see another round of Pre-E3 Coverage and E3 coverage...you guys maaaaaaaaaay get another chance.

- Summer of Sonic coverage will depend on whether it even happens this year and when. At this time it is not yet known.

- A stream on July 4th has a 50% chance.

- There will likely be a SonicNews Show birthday episode to mark the show turning a year old. Any other special edition SonicNews Show episodes are simply unknown at the moment.

- There's also something being planned that isn't a definite right now but if it turns out that it can happen it could turn out to be the biggest highlight of the year for me and may have one or more significant streamings. Here's a hint: I lied that I scheduled things up to July. This is even later on in the year. Much later.

I miiiiiiight have revealed too much. I know I haven't revealed everything though. You can probably figure out a few things hinted. This can really be the case if you have more info because I speak to you on Skype frequently and have seen streams that I can be heard in. Expect to find out more information sometime in February when the March, April, and May 2012 SonicNews Event calendar comes out but don't expect every hint I gave to be covered.

That's what info you guys get for now but more will be coming soon!

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Don't tell it that I had an affair with my left foot, though.

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