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Since SonicNews on SP has frequent events every month I figured a calendar for such is in order. All times are Eastern.

Every three months the calendar will get updated. I'll make sure to post a reply to notify you guys when there's been an update. To find more information about each event, look below the calendar.

NEXT UPDATE: Mid-January

22nd - Autumn Mario Marathon

5th - Sonic Adventure 2 HD/NiGHTS HD Release Party
28th - SonicNews Show: Halloween Edition
30th - Isaac's Halloween Horrorthon

16th - All Stars Racing Transformed Release Party
18th - SonicNews Show: Thanksgiving Edition
22nd - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Stream

21st - Doomsday Bindathon
22nd - Mistletoe Mega Man Marathon
23rd - SonicNews Show: Christmas Edition
26th - New Year's Pinball Dropathon
31st/Jan. 1st - Time Square Ball Drop Stream

Lots to cover but here we go...

September 22nd: The arrival of autumn, for me personally, will be a welcome sight. I don't know about you guys but I plan to celebrate the new season with a steaming marathon! I figured I'd try again to stream some Mario games again. The game list will be the same but from Noon to Midnight Eastern I'll be streaming Mario games from the 80s all the way to the late 90s!

October 5th: Sonic Adventure 2 HD comes out on this date, along with NiGHTS Into Dreams HD, so let us mark the occasion with a release party. Join me from 3am to 8am on this date as we wait for both games to come out on Xbox Live! Let the Omochao abuse begin! Again!

October 28th: The first holiday themed SonicNews Show of the year will take place at the usual time (6pm Eastern/11pm UK) to mark the approach of Halloween. I wasn't able to do any themed shows last year but I intend on changing that for this year. The show will be a spooky one, I assure you! Expect lots of pumpkins, creepy music, memories of Halloweens past, and more! Did I mention...spiders?

October 30th: The Binding of Isaac (Wrath of The Lamb). Why I thought this would work as a Halloween related stream I'll never know. Nevertheless expect a 3 hour stream, from 6pm to 9pm Eastern, of it. We'll see how good I do, I guess! Oh yeah and spiders.

November 16th: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed's first release date, for Europe, is on this day so why not celebrate with a release day party? Throughout the day it's time to completely open up about the game, check out the latest details as videos of the game start pouring in and we FINALLY get some clue on all of the game's contents. This stream will be an all day affair, from 8am to 9pm Eastern.

November 18th: Another holiday themed SonicNews Show! This time it's Thanksgiving. Again at the usual time, (6pm Eastern/11pm UK), we'll be marking the rapid approach of Turkey Day in the USA the only way possible: food. Lots of it. Memories of past Thanksgivings will be discussed and the arrival of the winter holiday season will no doubt be a topic as well!

November 22nd: Just because it's Thanksgiving Day itself doesn't mean the streams will take a break! Remember when Sonic made his grand return to the annual Macy's Parade? Get ready to watch parade coverage once more! From 8am to 1pm Eastern I'll be providing a stream feed of the parade as it goes on. As of right now, (August 21st, 2012) it's unknown whether Sonic will be at this year's parade. Whether he does or not come watch the show as each balloon float, marching band, and more are seen 15-30 minutes before it's seen on TV!

December 21st: Holy crap this will be a busy month! This is also supposed to be the LAST month we have to live. It's the end of the world as we know it but I feel fine. I feel so fine that I'm going to stream a bunch of The Binding Of Isaac from Noon to 3pm Eastern just because this day is supposed to be the last of our lives. Heh?

December 22nd: Mega Man Marathon. Let's try this again, shall we? The game list, again, will be the same this year but from 1pm to 11pm Eastern I'll be streaming Mega Man games from the 80s all the way to the mid-90s! May as well celebrate Christmas like a boss, right?

December 23rd: The holiday celebration continues the next day (I'm craving egg nog already) with a SonicNews Show that's sure to bring toys under your tree! I'll be playing Christmasy Sonic music, remembering Christmases long ago, and hoping some good stuff ends up on sale for sweet prices! Okay it'll probably be more of the former two than that last one but you know what I mean. There's also going to be times where we'll recall the year's events for Sega, Sonic, and more. I'll be giving my yearly report card for the community, games, and Sega as a whole. I will also give my Sonic & Sega predictions for 2013. All of that will be about a week before I'll be publishing these same grades and predictions in the annual SP News "Supersonic Year In Review" article. Why is that so? Because this is also going to be the final SonicNews Show of 2012, the season finale! What a year it's been for the show and for all of us. It's going to be a nice send off to 2012! Let's make this show the best one ever! The special will air at the usual time, 6pm Eastern/11pm UK.

December 26th: Everyone loves pinball. Maybe that's just me. Hey, we like seeing shiny balls drop every New Year's so let's see shiny lights and balls! Starting at Noon Eastern, I'll be playing nothing but pinball games from the 80s and 90s! Notice that I didn't give an end time for once. That's because the stream won't end until I get a grand total from of 5 billion points, an amount combined with all the final scores I get from the pinball games! The game list will be announced in November but expect Sonic Spinball to be played. Again. You know you love it.

December 31st/January 1st: I guess it's only fair to have one last stream for 2012. I guess it's also fair for it to be the first stream of 2013 as well! From 5:00pm on December 31st, 2012 to 4:00am on January 1st, 2013 (Eastern), it's time to complete 2012 and roll in 2013! The stream will begin two hours before 2013 hits in the UK and end one hour after the West Coast of the US enters 2013. As each time zone reaches a new year, come have fun! Expect me to be "dressed up" for the occasion. The stream will really kick off into high gear at 9pm Eastern as the coverage of the New Year's celebrations in Time Square unfold on the Sonic Paradox stream for the first time! The ball drops, I disappear for 2 minutes to watch that happen with my family only to return to the stream in 2013, and more! Even though Dick Clark is tragically no longer with us (RIP), we can still have a good time nonetheless! Happy 2013!

That's all! Phew. The calendar for the rest of 2012 is in the books. My, how fast this year has gone! Mid-January 2013 will see the next update! Enjoy the rest of 2012 and have a great Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, et cetera, et cetera, et freaking cetera!

I hope to see you at one of these events!

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