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Regular Forum Announcements & News
Forum Rules, Announcements, and Sonic News
Find The Computer Room Holding Charity Str… Wednesday Apr 16 2014, 04:21 PM, By Be7AMod
1 viewer Topics: 385 Replies: 1,087
Subforums: Sonic News!, Official Sonic News, Rumor and Speculations, Sonic Community News, Fan Spotlight, Sonic Paradox Community News


Regular Forum Introduce Yourself
Say hi to every one!
Hello everyone Yesterday, 6:01 AM, By Sweet_lil_Eliza
1 viewer Topics: 602 Replies: 4,959
Regular Forum General chatter
Talk about your daily life and such. :D
Ban the Above Poster 6 minutes ago, By SkruskieTheKitsune
2 viewers Topics: 1,053 Replies: 25,639
Subforums: Video Games, SP Servers
Regular Forum General Sonic
Discuss the world of Sonic!
sonic boom looks! Friday Apr 18 2014, 02:47 PM, By Sweet_lil_Eliza
2 viewers Topics: 322 Replies: 6,625
Subforums: Sonic Games, Sonic Cartoons/Comics


Regular Forum Animation
This is where you discuss animations.
Vectors Knickers Thursday Apr 17 2014, 06:14 AM, By OldFashionedLizard
1 viewer Topics: 516 Replies: 13,083
Subforums: Sonic Shorts, Sega Shorts
Regular Forum Audio
This is where you can post audio works you've created, such as songs, voice acting, re-dubs, etc.
Would this count as gba boss battle music? Monday Mar 31 2014, 05:03 PM, By cookiezmilk
0 viewers Topics: 56 Replies: 1,568
Subforums: General Music, Sonic Music, Voice Actors Board, Open Projects/Collabs
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